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What is Abelian

Abelian is a quantum-resistant blockchain infrastructure which enables digital gold 2.0 and empowers the post-quantum crypto ecosystem.

Cryptographically proven to be quantum-resistant

Abelian is intricately designed, mathematically proven and carefully reviewed to be secure against attacks from quantum computers. It applies post-quantum cryptographic algorithms to ensure long-term security and privacy of your digital gold, ABEL.

Privacy enhancing — wallet address and amount hiding

Abelian ensures that your wallet address is hidden and untraceable, while also securing that the amount in your transactions is hidden by using lattice-based linkable ring signature schemes.

Industry leading encryption

Everything going on in Abelian is encrypted. Just like how you don't always want anyone to know the amount of money you have in each of your bank accounts, or how you don't always want anyone to know your monetary transactions.

Privacy Preservation

On Abelian, your wallet address is hidden among a set of wallet addresses in every transaction you make, bringing about a new level of privacy preservation to the blockchain.

Security and true ownership to your ABEL

Your Abelian wallet address changes every time you use it, bringing your privacy to the next level of untraceability and unlinkability; on Bitcoin network, prying eyes can always trace and link your transactions.

Secure ecosystem driven by community

Abelian is open source, and community driven. In addition to designing, developing and deploying the Abelian platform, we are building up an open community for Abelian. It is a journey that we collaboratively use as a truly decentralized and quantum-resistant Blockchain ecosystem with privacy-preserving functionalities.

Side chains, smart contracts, and inter-operability will be developed for supporting various DeFi, Metaverse, web3 applications and initiatives.

Set up your Abelian node in 10 minutes

Please follow our installation guide to start your Abelian journey. It would be easy and fun!