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Abelian Mainnet Database

Mainnet Data Directory Default Path

C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Abelian Wallet\Abec\mainnet
/Users/<USER_NAME>/Library/Application Support/Abelian Wallet/Abec/mainnet

Files list:(A total of 12 zip archives)


Extract Mainnet Data zip files

Abelian Desktop Wallet for Windows

  1. Close and exit Windows Desktop Wallet Client;
  2. Place the downloaded 8 files in the same directory;
  3. Use 7zip software to open the file, Extract the mainnet directory and overwrite it to the default path;
  4. Restart Windows Desktop Wallet Client,Click "sync Mainnet".

Abelian Desktop Wallet for MacOS

  • Refer to the steps for Windows version above

Abelian Full Node for Linux

  1. Stop full node process abec or abectl
  2. Place the downloaded 12 files in the same directory, and execute the extract command:
# Taking Ubuntu or Debian as examples, to install 7zip
$ apt install p7zip-full
# Extract the compressed package
$ 7z x
  1. Move the mainnet directory and overwrite it to the default path:
mv -f mainnet ~/.abec/data/
  1. restart full node.



Please note the date of data update; updated compressed packages cannot be mixed with old ones!