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ABEL Tokenomics

The Mainnet of Abelian Blockchain was launched in March 2022. ABEL is the symbol of the native token of the Abelian Mainnet, and is mined during the creation of each block.


Total supply: 225.18 million ABELs or 251-1 Neutrinos where 1 ABEL = 10,000,000 Neutrinos.

Pre-mined: 20.58 million ABELs in the Genesis Block, that count towards 9.14% of the total supply. These tokens are for fundraising, community build-up, and marketing.

The rest 204.6 million ABELs (90.86% of total supply) will all be mined by the community.

  • The block frequency is set to 256 seconds.
  • Each era is defined by 400,000 blocks and there are altogether 10 eras. Hence the total expected time to mine is 32.5 years.
  • In the first era, each block reward is 256 ABELs. That means there will be 102.4 million ABELs created in the first era.
  • Halving happens after each era. In the final era, the block reward will be 0.5 ABEL.
  • Every 4,000 blocks is one epoch. The POW difficulty is adjusted after each epoch according to the the actual computational power of the network in the last epoch.

ABEL Supply Chart